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November 17, 2010
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"well now that sonic has finish watching porn .... its time for a other pair to go in the closet." said mephiles, sonic frowned in hearing that then picked up amy and shadow and chucked them in the closet and looked the door.
"that'll teach that bastrd to mess with me." said sonic
"ummm ... rouge you will probally kill me for this but i recorded you and mephiles in the closet." murmered sonic.
"WHAT, WHAT THE FUCK SONIC." shouted rouge, a sweat drop ran down sonic forehead and sonic had a idea.
"hey but heres some pay back the camera is still on recording so we can see what amy and shadow are doing." said sonic turning the site back up.
"oh ho ho this will be goog." smirked rouge,
"whatvever, this still won't change the fact that we got over 1.000.000 hits on our trip to the closet." said mephiles,
"how do you know?" asked rouge,
"got a app for your website on my phone, i do look like a hot werewolf do i." said mephiles with a grin,
rouge then walks over to him makes him sit on the sofa,"what are you doing." said mephiles,
"i want to rest my head on your stomach your really warm and soft." said rouge who made him sit down.
"great next thing you no im going soft not just my fur." said mephiles,
"shut up, soft fur is very sexy to me." said rouge, rouge layed her head on mephiles stomach and he placed his hand on her back and gently stroked her.
"boy i wish i had a other camera." said sonic who looked over his shoulder, "ruining mephiles reputation would be a great pay back for him killing me."
"but your alive and thats all that counts right." said mephiles
in the closet ............
"well sonic locked the door on us." said amy with a sigh,
"well this is just private, you can tell me anything." said shadow who was lying,
"well i been wondering what sonic said,"im not the one in love." what does that mean." asked amy,
"its nothing sonic playing around, he thinks that were meant to be together because we kissed.." he turned around fircerely but he felt something wet on his nose,
"uuhhhh shadow is that your nose on my nose." asked amy,
"so that means were very close." stuttered shadow,
"well let me find your arms so were aleast arms lenght." said amy,
"yeah sure." said shadow,
"alright i think i found them." said amy
"try and keep your balance." said shadow with causion, when shadow said that amy put her foot forward and tripped over something that made her and shadow fall amy was close to shadows stomach and shadows back was facing the way there falling then they crashed on to the floor, after the crahs there was silence but as lucky as the three outside were the camera position it self so it had a perfect view of them on the floor.
"oww that hurt." said amy with her head caress in shadows fluffy,
"your telling me i think i cut my back." groaned shadow,
"you want me to kiss it better." giggled amy,
"i like to see you try, your probally stuck with your head next to my chest and your body in between my legs." said shadow with a smirked,
"well im getting use to it your really warm and im freezing." said amy, shadow put his hand on her cheek,
"you are cold." shadow put his arms aroung her and hugged her tight and brought her head to his check."i'll keep you warm."
"thanks you shadow." said amy who kissed shadows cheek,
"what was the kiss for," asked shadow,
"well your keeping me warm and i wanted to give you affection." said amy,
"it feels nice."said shadow
alot of shadamy for shadamy fans and now theres some affection for ya
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that was a cute shadamy scene
me:*gets out camera and quietly sneaks to the closet, opens door and takes a picture of them* this is defenitly going on ebay, i gonna be so freaking rich!
sonic:* taps on my shoulder* um.......alicia?
me: what is it sonic.
sonic:*points to amy with her hammer triple times its size and shadow with a handgun*
me: ah ....shit:sprint:
amy:*gets up on shadow's shoulders*GET BACK HERE ALICIA!
me: good thing i stole a pair of shadow's air shoes.
shadow:YOU DID WHAT, OH NOW YOUR GOING TO GET IT*lights me on fire*
tani111 Nov 18, 2010
burn baby burn and thanks for the compliment :hug: yh i like shadamy so thats why i put this scene up but i wanted to keep shadows attitude
lol and your welcome
czarinathehedeghog Nov 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
how sweet of shadow =3
tani111 Nov 17, 2010
yh if people read this they would probally say cute shadow and amy
tani111 Nov 17, 2010
heh heh thxnks :hug:
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