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October 28, 2010
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rouges apartment...
"now to retrive, rouge." the mysterious cloaked guy said while picking up rouge and breaking the window. he jumped out in a snake like way and while falling he induce chaos control and flash out of of the sky back to his hideout.
mysterious cloaked guy hidout A.K.A eggmans abandoned hideout...
"wake my darlings." laught the cloaked guy. rouge was slightly sleeping in a tube but amy and sally  they were wide awake.
"where's sonic and shadow what did you do to them!"creid sally who was bashing the glass from time to time.
"no worries, i didn't beat them that rough to die... yet." smirked the cloaked guy.
amy fell to her knees and started to cry, she loved shadow so much that she didn't want him to suffer.
"don't cry my rose, you will be happier with me." as he said the comforting words he opened amy tube and walked up to her and made her stand on her feet."your better off with me, my rose." he said with a smile.
"back off." screamed amy while pushing him away from her."and don't call me your rose, only shadow is suppose to call me that."
rouge finally awakened and jumped up and tried to break the glass."hey let me go."yelled rouge.
"save your breath while you still can because your going to need it." said the cloaked guy while pushing amy back to the tube, now she was locked in like the rest of them, waiting for there hero to break them free. the cloaked guy walked over to a machien and started to type in something, while the girls were kicking, punching, and bashing the glass to break them selfs free, but non of them even made a scratch.
"poisoness gas releage in T minus 2 hours." said a metealic robot voice.
"after you three die it will be easier to drop your boyfriends guard and kill them." said the cloaked guy with a evil laugh to match.
"who are you, and why are you doing this?!" yelled rouge.
"you havn't figure it out yet, well my name is..." he took of his cloak, "manic the hedgehog."
"so thats why you wanted amy, you have a big crush on amy and tried to convince her to take your side, so you toture shadow by taking her." explained sally. manic started to clap very steadly.
"well done, but thats not the reason, also when my sister sonia took the throne and sonic was a hero i was a left out and neglected and when i was about to ask you out, i was too late when you gave up on sonic and went to shadow, why did you go out with him, to take the rebond of sonic breaking your heart."
"thats not true,i love shadow and he love's me." cried amy.
"well im outta here and when sonic comes here to save you tell him manic will be back."said manic while leaving on his hover craft. all of the girls fell to there knees and started to weep.
"theres no hope now, the boys don't even know where we are and we have no idea to contact them." weeped sally. then rouges eyes flashed open and she got out her chaos emerald,
"wait there's way to get them here, mephiles told me that i can use this emerald if i get in troble." smile rouge.
"them what are you waiting for do it." cherred sally and amy. rouge then caresses the emerald in her hand and send the emotion of love to mephiles chaos emerald.


at the hospital...
"wh-where are we."groaned sonic with eyes partley shut."wheres shadow?"
"your both going to be fine, you just need some rest."wispered mephiles.
"where are we, and wheres shadow." said sonic.
"were at the hospital, and shadow is right next to you." said mephiles. sonic looked at shadow who had pipes in his cheek, chest and rist.
"how long has he been out for?" asked sonic.
"don't know for sure but he's not going to be in a vegitated state." said mephiles. sonic got out of his hospital bed and stood up, but then felt uneasy and sloched abit.
"get back in bed sonic your not ready to go out and fight again." mephiled said while trying to put sonic in his bed.
"nah, im fine and i need to recue my girlfreind." sonic strightened up and smiled abit.
they both looked at shadow who was starting to move and opening his eyes.
"where am i ?" asked shadow
"your in the hospital, and your case of injuries were very serious so you can't come out of bed." explained mephiles.
"i can't rememer anything, except for amy being taken away from me."said shadow
"all the docters found out is that you got hit with knuckle duster with poisoness spikes twice once in the heart and once in the neck, the poison acted up in your lungs, so that you cannot breathe."explained mephiles.
shadow try to sit up but then he started to cought uncontrolibly, mephiles and sonic got to him and try to calm him down and made him lie down again but eventully shadow couldn't take it any more and then he fell to his back breathing deeply with his eyes close.
"the poison hasn't weared off yet it will take some time but for now, just relax." mephiles said in a casully voice.
"how can i relax when i know my girlfriend is in the hands of a killer." shouted shadow.
"straining your self isn't going to solve anything." said mephiles.
"hey mephiles what happened to your look?" asked sonic.
"ummm when i hugged rouge i turned into this then i couldn't change back after i started kissing her."mephiles blushed after he explain. shadow had a faint smile and started to laught abit.
"you turn from this sad killer to a happy valentines boy by kissing rouge." said shadow.
"oh your reputation is going to crash my friend." laught sonic."and this is from the guy who killed me."
"keep this up and your going to get killed again."murmered mephiles.
"oh relax mephy, its just a joke everyone desevers love and you hit the flirity one, rouge." sonic cheered him up and playfully slaped him on the back. then something started to glow on mephiles, then he took out his chaos emerald and it shimmered even more, then it started to wisper to him and it was rouges voice.
"rouge." wispered mephiles in shock.
"mephiles if you can here me, help us the poisoness gas is going to set off in 10 minuets, but if can't save us we send you over love. there was a glowing misty hologram of some sort of rouge,"mephiles if you can't save us i'll still love you." she then walked over to mephiles and kissed him deeply. "there some other people that want to send there love to you guys." said rouge. it was then a hologram of amy who sat next to shadow on the bed, she started to cry"shadow, i love you very much, do you love me."asked amy.
"of couse i do, and you know that i do." shadow said to her with a smile, then shadow formed one tear that ran down his cheek.amy then kissed him on the head "no more tears right, shadow." amy then smiled then sally appeared on the hologram. she turned around and saw sonic a, then she jumped in his arms and kissed him on his lips. sonic started to blush."i love you sonic, please come help us." then a memtalic voice interuppeted them.
"poisoness gas relesed in the tubes." sally started to cough and the message was turning fuzzy,
"please help us." asked sally then the message was over.

will they live soz if i spelled something wrong it was early in the mornin
Shadowsevilfish Oct 31, 2010  Professional Writer
OMG...I knew who it was!! I shall now kill Manic! :chainsaw:
Shadcreamlovevictim Oct 29, 2010
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