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October 27, 2010
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30 minuets later...
Shadow was standing next to the window gazing at the stars, thinking about amy and there meeting at the park.
"shadow do you love me."
"with all my heart, my rose."flashback over.
"why do i have a curse." shadow thought to himself. "i lost maria when i was her only friend on the space ARK, now i lost my true love, this is never going to end."shadow sighed and paced, then he stopped and looked at rouge, she was sleeping peacefully, then he looked out of the window again.
"i'll find you amy, no matter what."
he closed his eyes then had another flashback,"AARRGG." groaned shadow the pain of his flash back got to him and then he fell to his knees, with his hands on his head.
shadow was in a capsule, both of his hands were up againest the glass.
"MARIA!" yelled shadow
"shadow, i beg of you. please do it for me ... for a better future. for all the people who liv on that planet... give them a chance to be happy... let them live their dreams. shadow, i know you can do it.
swat team walks in and aims there gun at maria. BANG. the bullet hits maria and blood slowly comes out of her stoamch area.
"aahhhh!" maria yelped with put her her arm around the wounded area.
"MARIA!" yelded shadow with dispair and horror.
"this is the reason why you were brought to this world shadow, to make every one live happy lives. said maria vaigenly and she had a small smile  and pulled the leave to release the capsule.
"MARIA!" yelled shadow for the last time.
"sysanora, shadow the hedgehog." she said her last words and fell of the machien she was leaning on after the shot in the stomach. flashback over.

shadow was still on the floor eyes shut, panting. he then flashed his eyes open,
"what was that for." shadow said while putting his hand on his sweaty fur trying to wipe off most of the sweat.


outside rouges door...
"if i don't wash this blood soon i gonna look like shadow." chuckled sonic.
"laught while you can, it will be your last." said a familiar voice. suddenly a cloaked guy came out of shadowy corner next to mephiles door.
"you ready for round two little bro." said the cloaked while having a evil dark laugh at the end of his speech. he reached out of his cloak a chaos emerald, and pointed it at sonic."CHAOS POWER!"
a black and purple light came out of sonic and started to cut and sonic like when he was hit with chaos spear.
"what th.. AARRRGGG." yelled sonic then he fell to his knees and started to shake because of weakness. when sonic opened his eyes they were red and his white stripe on his shoes were black and the tips of his quills and spikes were black as well and his legs and arms had a single black stripe as well.
"half of your soul and all of your energy is mine boy." said the cloaked guy
the suckion of sonic energy and soul was done and the emerald was a glowing black purple instead of its shimering gold.
sonic fell to his side and said "y-you'll never get away with this."
"hmpt." the cloaked guy dashed over and picked up sonic by his neck and pinned him by the wall.
"says the guy who's too weak to stand on his own two feet."chuckled the mysterious cloaked guy. he losened his grip and let sonic drop to the floor.
"wha-whats happening to me." panted sonic.
"half of your soul is gone and darkness has replace it and is slowly taking over you." said the cloaked guy and made a dark laught.

inside rouges apartment...
"i think i calmed down." said shadow. "why is my past haunting me and why all of a sudden, is it because i lost amy."
*crashes from the fight of myserious cloaked guy and sonic*
"what the hell was that." said shadow with a concerned voice.
the door flung open and before shadow could reconise the figure there was a chaos spear heading for him and again hit in the stoamch area and slice his fur while flying through the air hitting the wall under the window.
"you... what did you do with amy?!" said shadow. the cloaked guy smirked and said "if i was you i be more worried about rouge than amy. laugh the cloaked guy. shadow growled at him furiously.
the cloaked guy got out some knuckle dusters but instead of a round edge of metal, it was spikes.
"get ready to suffer, shadow the hedgehog." said the cloaked guy.  
at the time shadow was thinking about amy, saying in his head "i won't let you down amy." also in his head he was thinking how amy said "i love you shadow."
but thats was a mistake that took to long because before shadow could blink he found some knuckle dusters in his neck. he slouched abit and put his hand on the wall and started to pant, then his vision started to blure and then he fell to his side in a instant."thoses aren't normal knuckle dusters." judered shadow. the cloaked guy laught dark and evil.
"no, they are custom made, the spikes are filled with poison, and i got them from that knuckle head for a friend." said the cloaked guy. shadow pushed himself up and leaned againest the wall but on the side of his body. " i won't let you take her, i lost to much to fail now."
"your will is strong but for how long." smirked the cloaked guy.
"what is he talking about." wispered shadow, he closed his eyes and groaned at the shoting pain in his neck that traveled down his back. but then he found another shoting pain in his chest, after the cloaked guy ripped the knuckle dusters out of his chest shadow pressed his hand againest his chest and fell to his knees.
"i, i c-can't breath." murmered shadow
"let the poison do its work and slowly kill you." said the cloaked guy.
shadow then fell to his side and his hand fell of his chest and lied next to him, blood stained.

shadow noooooooo and soniku noooooooo and will someone help him
Shadowsevilfish Oct 31, 2010  Professional Writer
OMG. Time to freak out...Mysterious cloaked guy...Prepare to DIE. :chainsaw: :iconikilluplz:
Shadcreamlovevictim Oct 29, 2010
OH NOES! :faint:
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