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At lester station...
"enjoying our date sonic." sally said while having a flrity look on her face.
"yeah sally, as long as your here, im okay." sonic said, they were gazing to each others eyes holding hands then sonic turn to face sally then sonic gently grab sallys other hand,
"i never felt so close to you sally." sonic said nerverously and quietly, sally giggled abit and leaned closer to him,
"neither have i,sonic."
she kissed him softly on the cheek, sonic blushed heavily,
"heh heh heh." sonic didn't know what to do next he just stared at her glimering ocean eyes.
"hmpt looks like the blue hedge-rat has a girlfriend, syanora little bro." the mystrious cloaked wispered to himself. He slowly came out of the building he was in and took his chaos emerald out of his cloak and concertrated on the power he had. he angled his arms, so they were pointing at sonic,
"CHAOS CONTROL!" his hands realease a powerful spear of energy which seperated in to little mini spears, which was heading to sonic with great speed, it was too fast for sonic speed to get away from.
"what th..."
"AAARRGGG." sonic yelped as he flying through the air and impacted a building leaving him partley sighted and bleddin terribley.
"sonic." said sally with chills going through her spine,
"huh what are yo..."
"shut up and hang on." interuppted the mysterious cloaked guy, "CHAOS CONTROL."
"sonic help." shriked sallly.
"sally."sonic wispered to himself "i promise, i will get you back no matter what."
back at twinkle park...
amy and shadow were still in eachothers arms eyes closed,
"shadow, do you love me?" amy said.
"with all my heart, my rose." sad shadow, he kissed her forehead and looked at her eyes, he was stunned with her beauty and he leaned closer until a a bright light from a chaos emerald shone in  the open, he brought her head into his fluffly chest and covered her eyes while he closed his eyes to shield the blinding light.
"nobody takes my girl."smirked the mysterious cloaked guy. he grabbed amys arm and took her away from shadows arms.
shadow rushed to fetch amy but he was too late because of the binding light blinding him to see amy position. the myserious cloaked guy grabed the emerald and use chaos control to make a quick get away.


back at vindy valley....
"mephiles are you okay?" ask rouge in causion.
"im fine, but my wounds and you, why did you help me?"
rouge smiled at him, "you were hurt and i couldn't leave you there and i guess i like you." rouge turned around so she was facing the tiny glims and flickers of the sun which was going down and  day time was turning into night time.
mephiles thought to himself "she likes me, i never felt this way before."
mephiles quickly got up and went to rouge and turned her around so they were facing eachother but mephiles hugged her and was thinking " why did i hug her."
rouge was thinking " he hugged me he dose like me, hes warm, thats strange he suppose to be cold.
mephiles finish hugging her and they just stared, there was a arkward silence between them.
a bright was coming from mephiles" what th... aaarrrggg." rouge took a few pace's away from mephiles and covered her eyes. after a few seconds the glowing stopped and mephiles had changed his looks, his colour was black instead of a dark purple his streakes were the same just a greyish blue his gloves and rings were just like shadows but the rings were grey and blue, not yellow and red, his shoes were just like shadows as well but again a greyish blue, rouge had the tinyest of smile but was happy.
"rouge what happened?" he looked very confused, mayby this wasn't what he expected.
rouge walked over to him and softly kissed him on the cheek, mephiles blushed alot and his jaw dropped abit.
"nothing you were just as perfect as before."said rouge with now a big smile,
"what was that gesture you gave me?"mephiles said curioulys.
rouge giggled "it means i like you, why do you ask?has any one ever kissed you? said rouge
"no, i've never experience love before, not even from my parents, they died when i was 5, i manage to survied, but since i had no love i turned evil, and how could you love me after what i did to the world?!"said mephiles who had pushed rouge away because he was too ashamed to show her his face.
"every one desevers to have a second chance right and its your lucky day because you have me to give you love."rouge made mephiles turn around and kiss him passionatley for some time before stopping."cmon sit down rouge enjoy the stars."said mephiles who face had brighten up after the kiss. mephiles lay down with one of his arms supporting his head. rouge lay down next to him and lay her head on his chest."you don't mind me lieing next to you, right? ask rouge in a flrity voice.
"do as you please."mephiles closed his eyes and so did rouge and time pass on.

"you getting tired, rouge." mephiles wispered to rouge.
"yeah but its too dark to fly home now."
"no worries rouge i'll walk you home."
mephiles got up and then helped rouge after he helped her up they seem to stand still while still holding eachothers hand, staring at eachothers eyes beforecoming to there senses that they need to get home.

on the way home, they walked closely to the edge of the motain to watch the stars twinkle, but rouge tripped over a medium size rock but she turned so that her back would take the impact instead of stomach, mephiles acted quickly and catch her, he put one of his hands on her head and one of his hands on her back. and she stopped falling but until she opened her eyes when she realised she stopped falling she notice that they were very close and they were blushin deeply, mephiles slapped him self out oh his trance and made rouge stand on her feet and walked home, there were no more diesaters after that and they reached there house of flats where sonic, shadow, mephiles, rouge, amy and sally lived but in different rooms.

they stood in front of rouges door close togethere,
"thank you for walking me home mephiles." said rouge with gratittude.
"no problem." mephiles had two little voices in his head telling him what to do."hug her, show her how you feel." said the little angel sprit, "just go you don't know how to act in front of a girl that has feelings for you."
rouge interupted the voices in his head and said"mephiles are you okay."
"yeah im fine." said mephiles with a grin.
"do you want a good bye kiss before you go." said rouge in a flrity voice while winking,
"heh heh heh, s-sure."said mephiles nervously.
rouge leaned forward and kiss him deeply on the lips, then mephiles put his hands around rouge and pulled her closer to him, rouge then started to stroke his quills on his back. after 5 minets they stopped but still very close to eachother.
"i never knew you were the passionate one mephiles."
"uhhh i don't know what to say."
"well goodnight mephiles." she then pulled him to her for another deep kiss then turned away and went to her apartment, she then turn to him and gave him a blow kiss,"goodnight, my love."said rouge, mephiles was standing there shocked by her affection for him. she close the door behind. "wow... what a day." said mephiles, he turned and walked to his apartment which was opposite from rouges door.
all right pretty good so far if ur wondering what floors there here is the details:
f1: blaze
f2:sonic and shadow
f3:amy and sally
f4:rouge and mephiles
and there is no yaioing goin here so if u get curious that somthin i type is yaioy its not okay
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